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 Tadninja's Builder Application

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Tadninja's Builder Application Empty
PostSubject: Tadninja's Builder Application   Tadninja's Builder Application EmptyFri Nov 08, 2013 10:18 am

Tadninja's Builder Application

IGN (In-Game Name): tadninja
How long I have been on the server:  From the beginning of September

Do I consider yourself a good builder?: Definitely, I am also very good with redstone and command blocks.
Which map would you like to work on?  Place the top 3 in order of importance: Minish Cap, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess.

Why I want to work on this map?:  I really want to do Minish Cap, it is my favorite Zelda game and I have memorized the entire layout, not that I won't be checking the layout as I build. I have beaten this game about 5-7 times.

Important that you should know about:  I am really good with command blocks, and I could make it an adventure map if I would be allowed to, I'm not sure if that is really what you are going for.

3 legitimate forms of proof of my building skills:
(Download is on the page the links lead to, don't worry it is very standoutish)

This is proof of redstone capability, has command blocks as well. You walk in the door and come out somewhere else.  You can only teleport by going through the door one way, it was hard to make it do that.

This proof of my building skills, it also has used the Teleportation door above for going forward and backward in time.  It isn't finish yet, but the frame is there so you can see what I was going for.

This is my texture pack, I remade almost every texture using Minish Cap textures. (See, I told you I love that game!) This is the texture pack I always have on, especially on your server, it suits everything so well.
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Tadninja's Builder Application
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