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 Linktheodore9's application

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Linktheodore9's application Empty
PostSubject: Linktheodore9's application   Linktheodore9's application EmptyThu Dec 06, 2012 10:09 pm

My minecraft username:Linktheodore9
Why do I want to become a mod? I would like to become a mod to help the server santa.
Have been a mod or any other part of a server staff? Yes, I have.
Will I be a good repisentitive of the mods/ server? Yes, if anything, I will try.Do
Do I know any commands that a mod should know? Yes, I do.
Commands, Extra commands I know:
1. Ban, tempban, these two commands will keep that person/ player offline for aslong as you want them to.
2. Mute, this command wont let that player talk for aslomng as you want them to.
3. thru, This command let you go thru walls. So, lets say a person has traped you, tyep /thru and you out! Isn't THAT awsome! Very Happy
4. fly, This command lets you turn you flying off or on.
Will I be on alot, Yes, again, I will do my best to try to come on alot! Smile If you think I should become a mod or not, please tell me, thank you. And, well thats it, thanks for reading my application! Very Happy
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Linktheodore9's application
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